Carrière Sablière VDM, formerly Materre en vrac, is a family company that has gained an important place in the Outaouais region over the years. We are proud to say that we are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year (2021) and that we have more than 35 years of fatherly experience that has helped us climb the ladder and carve out a place for us in this profession.
We stand out for our exemplary and courteous service. Proximity to our customers is our priority. We are an attentive, dynamic and smiling team that is very punctual during deliveries. The reliability of our products has convinced more than one! With your constructive comments and suggestions, we were able to improve certain products that make us the reference in Outaouais. We manufacture almost all of our products on site with caring and knowledgeable people. We are on the lookout for new developments and all work very hard to make your experience satisfying and enjoyable.

Thank you for trusting us after all these years!

Questions about our products?


Many of you ask us about quantities.

We are always available to answer your questions or help you with your purchases. However, we believe that it is interesting to briefly define the quantities.
Here are some ways to demonstrate what 1 yard of soil, mulch, rock is compared to a full trip of the same materials.

1 yard of mulch

1 yard = 27 bags = 765L

1 yard of soil

1 yard = 27 bags = 765L

1 yard of gravel

1 yard = 27 bags = 765L

1 trip of mulch (18 yards)

1 yard = 27 bags = 765L

1 trip of soil (18 yards)

1 yard = 27 bags = 765L

1 trip of gravel (16 yards)

1 yard = 27 bags = 765L

The flexibility of our schedule and our delivery rates will make your experience a guaranteed success.

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